Online Wushu Training

What you will learn in our online Wushu training program

California Wushu Quality online wushu training USA

Wushu Basics

Wushu basic training consists of many elements: Stretching, Strength training, Kicks, Jumps, Stances and more! In our online training programs we will guide you with the use of live classes, and video tutorials and analyses to excellent basics

Wushu Forms

Wushu forms are a set of movements performed at different skills levels. It's a combination of all basic movements like; Kicks, Jumps,Stances, Footwork, etc

Wushu Weapons

Wushu Weapons come in many kinds like: Swords, Staff, Spear, Whip Chain, Three Section Staff and more!

What our students have to say about our online Wushu training program!

What our students have to say

About our Online Wushu Training

My mother and I have been taking lessons from Coach Peter for many years now and we have been blessed by his instruction, friendship, experience and knowledge of Wushu. Both our in-person and online lessons have been professional, productive and challenging. Wushu is the best full-body workout and we will continue with our virtual meetings, recordings, practice and feedback corrections for the joy of Wushu and the support of Coach Peter.  

Jane and Jeanne / Teachers

 I give many thanks to Coach Peter for being such a great coach and mentor.  Coach Peter is one of a kind.  The other coaches who taught Wushu were also really great!  If it wasn’t for my friend who introduced me to Wushu, I wouldn’t be here learning martial arts. Benefits I got from Wushu training:  - stronger muscles  - better flexibility  - better endurance  - a sense of balance (on the mental side)  - more awareness  - immunity to both cheers and jeers in any intense situation  - better concentration  - self-discipline  - took listening skills to a whole new level .

 W.S  Student

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS When I first began Wushu, in 2006, I was looking for an extracurricular activity. I was simply looking for some sport to do, and Wushu seemed pretty interesting to me. I expected to just learn Wushu and have some fun.  Not only did I learn Wushu—I learned important qualities to apply to my life.  I would have given up ages ago. Coach Peter always pushes you to never give up and to always try your best. Everyone in the school, including students, is very supportive and is always willing to help—no matter what obstacle. I have been coming to California Wushu Academy for three years now, and Wushu has become a passion of mine. My overall fitness has improved, my grades have increased, and I learned so many things I couldn’t have done on my own. Fitness wise, my endurance has improved, I have become more flexible, and I have become a lot stronger—both physically and mentally. I have become a more confident and outgoing person, and I have been able to push myself through hard times. Learning Wushu has truly helped me excel in my life.

E.H / High School Student