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Peter Hoogduin began studying Wushu in 1988 under Coach Kong Mien Ho. After coming to the United States, he continued his Wushu training under several masters including Chinese Wushu Grand Master Dao Yun Chen and former Beijing wushu team member Li Jing. Peter has over 30 years of professional teaching experience and has won several championships in both Wushu and other Martial Arts competitions. He has also trained intensively in Beijing, China with many high-level coaches from around the world, including Wu Bin (former coach of Jet Li and the Beijing Wushu Team). Having devoted his life to the advancement of Wushu, Coach Peter now takes pride in coaching and holding his students to high standards. Through Wushu training, his students are instilled with integrity and a sense of discipline, learning lessons applicable to both physical and mental development, so that they can achieve greatness in any endeavor.

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