Two weeks introductory course + 2 live classes

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Hi, I’m Peter, and I built California Wushu to help people like you who want to learn Wushu (Martial Arts) from home and have fun.

What's include in the two weeks introductory course

1. Two live Wushu classes with Coach Peter
2. One on one video coaching
3. Access to all  level 1 tutorials

If you’ve always wanted to  Become stronger and faster with Increased flexibility  Have better focus, Self Confidence and Self Discipline while having the fun and enjoyment that comes with Martial Arts study, then this class is for you!  

 I’ve included everything you need to know, including: a step by step program to help you develop a great wushu foundation a proven system to make excellent Wushu students

What our students have to say



I first enrolled in California Wushu Academy when I was 10 years old. At the time I mostly wanted to join because my friend was already taking classes there and she was constantly talking about all the cool things she was learning. I was not expecting my simple decision to try out Wushu to lead me to learn some of my greatest life lessons and meet some of the best people I know. When I started off, I was an extremely shy kid who did not take many chances to push myself. I was not flexible and all around pretty frail. However, the community and aura that coach Peter built in class made me excited and determined to grow as a martial artist and a more outgoing person. Coach gives every student at California Wushu Academy drive and a community where everyone is helping and rooting for each other. He would seek people out who were struggling individually, tailoring their forms and exercises for their body types and level. He focused on the basics so our bodies became strong and flexible, preparing us for advanced forms and jumps. Coach Peter had an extensive amount of martial art knowledge, from kicks to weapons, so we were always learning something new. However, he also focused on our minds, rewarding us for focus and integrity. I will never forget some of the speeches and lessons that I learned at California Wushu Academy as “mental conditioning.” I continued wushu until I left for college with more confidence, the ability to jump into splits, land an aerial, and hold a squat for more than five minutes. These achievements did not come from just Coach’s martial arts knowledge, but the passion he instills in his students to do better and be better people.  

  • Two weeks introductory course
  • $19 USD

    You will get 2 live classes, video coaching and access to all our level 1 tutorials.

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