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Peter Hoogduin | Nov 07, 2021

In this post I will give you 3 simple ways to prevent injury in Martial Arts training.

Peter Hoogduin | Apr 17, 2021

California Wushu Academy's Online Wushu/kung Fu training program - Lukas Wushu journey part 3

Peter Hoogduin | Apr 11, 2021

This was Lukas 1st Wushu test for 1st level Changquan. California Wushu Online Wushu/Kung Fu classes

Peter Hoogduin | Apr 06, 2021

Follow Lukas on his Wushu journey!

Peter Hoogduin | Mar 11, 2021

In this video a demonstration of California Wushu Academy's classes for different age groups.

Peter Hoogduin | Mar 04, 2021

In this video California Wushu Academy student Justin Leong doing drunken style Kung Fu. In drunken style wushu one pretends to be drunk.

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